A Little Bit of History

Lauren Mossotti-Kline is the owner and Lead Consultant at LMK Companies. After having dedicated the first half of her career to the art of advertising followed by a pursuit of philanthropic achievement, she discovered that the two disciplines could benefit greatly from each other. In 2005 after the birth of her second child, she dedicated her time to focus on her new family. A year later a new business was born as she gradually began to assist small businesses and non-profits who needed a helping hand. She shared her vision for helping fundraisers be better marketers and counseled businesses on how they could reach out to potential customers by cultivating meaningful relationships.

Who we are Today

Nearly seven years later with a team of talented and creative professionals, LMK Companies has enjoyed the great pleasure of working in partnership with clients in Travel and Tourism, Banking and Finance, Restaurant and Hospitality, High Tech, Education, Cultural Arts and more. Every new task is a welcomed challenge and opportunity. As a growing small business, we appreciate and celebrate the process of helping other businesses and organizations succeed and thrive. We are passionate about our work and feel lucky to be able to enjoy what we do every day!


  • Do you know a Volunteer?

    On more than one occasion, I’ve had close friends and family members say to me: “I didn’t get involved with volunteer activities until after my children were grown”.  I’m sure when the comment was made it was offered as a personal reflection shared with the intention of shedding light on the simple fact that life presents many demands on our time. Most of us are Read more →

  • Hello!

    Well, I’ve been telling my clients for years that a Blog is a must-do on the never ending “To-Do” list. It has benefits that are limitless, but one of the major perks is that every time it’s updated you experience an instant improvement in your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But besides that, if you like to write (and I LOVE to write, so consider yourself Read more →