A Little Bit of History

Founded by Lauren Mossotti-Kline in 2006, the consulting practice formally known as LMK Companies made its start offering a blend of marketing and fundraising services to small and mid-sized businesses and non-profit organizations. Lauren serves as lead consultant helping organizations convey important messages to their audiences.

Who we are Today

Fast forward 13 years and LMK continues to enjoy advising businesses and non-profits, but now also provides freelance writing for corporate communications and public relations as well as websites, blogs, social media and print publications.

Over the years clients who have partnered with LMK span diverse and interesting areas including education, healthcare, travel and tourism, finance and more. Because so many of the services offered involve helping clients convey their story in a voice that best fits their unique mission, the company took on a new name – LMK Voce!

Voce means “voice” in Italian and gives a nod to Lauren’s heritage. She is currently working on a writing project that explores the story behind her ancestors’ migration from a small village in northern Italy to the United States. Some references to Lauren’s personal writing pursuits, her professional writing insights along with other thoughtful ramblings can soon be found on the LMK Voce blog.


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