Social Media Communication

By now most organizations and businesses have a Facebook “Place” Page and some might have already dabbled with a “Tweet” or two. Sure large corporations have hundreds of thousands of followers, but they also have advertising budgets that exceed your wildest dreams. Not to mention a full-time team of marketers who live in a world of Yelp, Foursquare and YouTube on an average work day.

At LMK Companies we’ve taken a special interest in the advantages of Social Media marketing and how they can be especially influential (not to mention cost effective) to small to mid-sized businesses and organizations. It’s a virtual space we’ve taken a liking to simply because of the unique way it creates a conversation with an audience. We love to write and especially enjoy creating content with a specific voice that’s written exclusively with your brand personality and mission in mind.


  • Do you know a Volunteer?

    On more than one occasion, I’ve had close friends and family members say to me: “I didn’t get involved with volunteer activities until after my children were grown”.  I’m sure when the comment was made it was offered as a personal reflection shared with the intention of shedding light on the simple fact that life presents many demands on our time. Most of us are Read more →

  • Hello!

    Well, I’ve been telling my clients for years that a Blog is a must-do on the never ending “To-Do” list. It has benefits that are limitless, but one of the major perks is that every time it’s updated you experience an instant improvement in your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But besides that, if you like to write (and I LOVE to write, so consider yourself Read more →